Our Assets

Kandra Exploration

Working Interest 35%

Petroleum Exploration (PVT) Limited (Operator) 35%
Gulf Petroleum International Ltd 25%
Government HOlding (Private) Limited 5% (carried)

The Working Interest Owners have an exclusive rights to carry out exploration in the Kandra D&PL area. Based on the existing 2D seismic, a large ( ~120 Sq.Km) domal structure is mapped at deeper Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous levels. In addition source, maturity and reservoir studies carried out on JhatPat-1 and Zindapir-wells drilled within the vicinity, indicates that the Kandra prospect lies within the petroleum fair way and has fair to good chances of  containing gas and condensate in the deeper unexplored Triassic formation in the structure.

The JV is planning to firm up drilling of a high impact Kandra Deep X-1 exploratory well to a  depth of ~ 4700m, with an objective to test the hydrocarbon potential of the Mesozoic play in Loralai, Alozai (Jurassic), Wulgai (Triassic) formations and Chiltan (Jurassic), Lower Goru (Cretaceous)  as  primary and secondary targets respectively. The resource potential of the prospect is estimated to be over 1.0 Tcf.

The prospect is located in readily available gas market with a developed infrastructure. The gas discovery would be entitled to ~$4.5/MMbtu, under the 2012 policy gas price.