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Kandra – Development

Working Interest 37.5%

Petroleum Exploration (PVT) Ltd (Operator) 37.5%
Government Holdings (Private) Limited 25%

The Kandra field covers an area of 314.43 square kilometers and is located in the Khairpur and Sukkur districts of the Sindh province of Pakistan. Significant nearby gas fields include the Uch, Sui, Mai and Qadirpur, which are located between 100 and 150 km north and east of the Kandra field. There have been six wells drilled in the Kandra field targeting the Sui Main Limestone (SML). The deepest penetrated formation in the Kandra field is the Jurassic Chiltan Formation. Additionally, there is gas potential in the Lower Cretaceous Lower Goru Formation consisting of fluvio-deltaic deposits. The field is currently shut in as the Kandra gas is to be used for power generation to fuel the 120 MW Kandra power plant, after the removal of CO2 inorder to meet the KPC inlet gas heating value requirements.

The field is now classified as contingent resources due to delays from GoP in approval of the allocation of high heating value gas for commingling with Kandra gas. Low, best and high estimate contingent resources were assigned to the Kandra field based on volumetric analysis.

Summary of Kandra (Contingent) Resources* Contingent Resources
NPV 10%
US$ (millions)
Low Estimate 48.33 45.73
Best Estimate 153.45 97.80
High Estimate 153.99 97.91

 *Reserve numbers are gross. NPV numbers are before taxes, based on forecast price and costs. All per Appraisal Report prepared by Degolyer & MacNaughton as at December 31, 2015.